Consultation, Guest Speaking, and Training

We’re excited to share our knowledge and expertise. Our guest speakers and trainers are health professionals. In fact, we also have years of experience working with healthcare practitioners in clinical settings and within the community. The guidance we offer is built on best practice. Possessing backgrounds working in multi-disciplinary environments, our team channels their experiences to offer consultation sessions particularly pivotal to building greater cross-functional collaboration. We believe better integration between varying disciplines leads to more holistic solutions. With this in mind, we consult and speak on a variety of topics and areas of research as outlined below. Connect with us to learn more.
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Positive Psychology and Subjective Wellbeing

Salutogenics and Longevity

Mental Health and Psychosocial Interventions

Social Problem-Solving Skills/Problem Management

Clinical and Professional Communication Skills

Behaviour Change Methodology

Health Promotion/Literacy and Inequality

Social Determinants of Health and Wellbeing

Training for healthcare professionals

Our engaging training is relevant to social workers, mental health therapists, nurses, dietitians and other clinicians. Our subject matter is always evidence-based and rooted in established research. The training we provide offers individuals the opportunity to learn more about vital topics relating to their industry, while committing to the continuous learning and upgrading required to help maintain professional competency. As a business training solution, we are experienced leading group training sessions for a number of employees, ranging from 5 to 100 people.

If you are interested in booking consulting time or a training session for yourself or your team, contact us to get started. Simply let us know what areas of focus you would like to discuss. Our wellness experts will connect with you to develop a solution customized to your unique needs and learning objectives.

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Reach out and let us know your specific needs and we’ll tailor a solution for your next project, speaking engagement, or training event.

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