Just Listen

We now know isolation can be deadly. In fact, research tells us life expectancy can be lowered by up to 29% due to social isolation alone. We at Three-Sixty want to do something about it. Just Listen™ is Three-Sixty’s response to an ever-growing need to break down the walls of isolation and increase positive and meaningful connections. An alternative to in-person therapy and similar to online therapy, Just Listen™ uses technology to listen to those in need. 

What is Just Listen™?

Just Listen - it's genuine, warm and non-pretentious Just Listen - it's friendly and helpful 45 min sessions Just Listen - easy to access like online therapy

An alternative or complement to therapy

Traditional mental health therapy is undoubtedly an effective solution for a variety of life’s problems. However, it can also be a challenge for many people to attend appointments, whether it is due to reasons related to mobility, schedule conflicts or a lack of accessible nearby counselling services. 

Consequently, we work one-on-one via distance technologies – video chat, voice over IP (VOIP), email, or phone. We strongly believe in breaking down barriers by utilizing technology to enable good conversations with the right people at the right time.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Choose an appointmentStep 2 - Provide contact infoStep 3 - Receive a link or callStep 4 - Begin your free appointment

Just Listen - PAL - Alternative to Online Therapy

What is a PAL?

When you book your first FREE session with Just Listen™, you’ll reach a Professional Active Listener (PAL). PALs have training in active listening skills* and offer non-judgmental, compassionate, and open listening.

Give us a try, risk-free and at zero cost. Remember, your first 20 minute session is FREE, so you have nothing to lose (other than an overwhelming sense of loneliness).

Imagine you’re lost and alone in a forest. Suddenly, you see another person. “I’m so glad to find someone! Do you know the way out?” you inquire. “No – I too am lost.” the stranger responds. Sensing your disappointment, the stranger then says: “But now we can be lost together.”

Discover the value of listening and the power of positive connections

When we’re lost, finding someone who knows “the way” can feel impossible. But if there is one thing worse than being lost – it’s being lost and alone. Having someone supportive and caring by our side may not be the answer we’re looking for, but it can give us insight, hope, and strength when we need it.

Every person needs people. At some point in our lives, we will need to rely on others for support. For many of us, we already have. Having people makes a difference – not having people leaves a mark.


Why Just Listen™ matters


We all need someone to talk toSupport networks improve mental healthSocial isolation cuts lifespan by 29%Loneliness is becoming a health epidemic


Did you know social rejection literally hurts you?

The science of neurobiology tells us that “social rejection” triggers the same parts of the brain responsible for physical pain (the anterior cingulate portion of our middle prefrontal area). Clinical professor and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Siegel suggests that this pain can lead us to withdraw from social contact in an attempt to avoid further pain. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as more withdrawal leads to more feelings of social isolation, despair, and possible depression.

The negative health effects of isolation will surprise you

From a health perspective, we now know isolation can be deadly. In fact, research tells us life expectancy can be lowered by up to 29% due to social isolation alone. Perhaps surprisingly, loneliness is thought to be as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and worse than obesity.

“Longevity, health, and even happiness are each correlated with the presence of social relationships in people’s lives. We continue to grow and develop across the life span; supportive relationships nurture lifelong development.”

 – Dr. Daniel Siegel, Psychiatrist and author,
Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology

Are there currently enough mental health resources to address loneliness?

There’s a perfect storm brewing, as loneliness, which we know contributes to illness, is paired with inadequate access to healthcare professionals. Much of the world is experiencing a shortage of mental health professionals – social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. This issue can be seen everywhere from rural America to some of the lowest income nations of the world.

In response, the World Health Organization (WHO) created the mhGap program. One of mhGap’s most ambitious objectives is to develop “scalable psychological interventions” – that is to say, mental health treatments which can be implemented anywhere, and by any trained member of the general public. Think of it like first aid, but for therapy. Three-Sixty Wellbeing is a social enterprise dedicated to developing its own scalable therapy called Just Listen™.

The therapeutic alliance is more important than the following factors

A therapist’s expertise

A therapist’s experience

Therapeutic methods

From years of experience working in mental health, public health, and the community, Three-Sixty’s team believes any person can benefit from the social elements of mental health therapy – sometimes more than the therapy itself. And research supports this idea. Studies indicate the therapeutic relationship has a greater predictor of mental health outcomes than factors relating to the therapist’s knowledge or methods.

What if therapy was only about the working relationship?

So what if the entire therapy was just about the relationship? Just about the working alliance? What if the most important thing we gain from mental health therapy is someone who just listens? No goals, no therapeutic techniques, and no judgment – just being 100% present and just listening. In the 1960s, the father of humanistic psychology – Carl Rogers – believed that the simple act of listening and accepting others fits the “core conditions” of his work as a therapist. Carl Roger’s core conditions consist of congruence (genuineness), unconditional positive regard (acceptance), and empathetic understanding (empathy). These are also the core conditions of the Just Listen™ program, and the core of the work that is done when clients engage with Three-Sixty.

Listening Session Pricing

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Follow-Up Session
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