Our Philosophy

Three-Sixty means we take a “three-hundred and sixty” degree perspective and philosophy.

We take a broad approach to health and wellbeing. We apply ecological systems theory to better understand the individual and external factors that influence quality of life. This means we explore the factors that influence health from all levels, whether it be at the individual-level, family-level, community-level, policy-level, or cultural-level. We pay special attention to the powerful social factors that shape our wellbeing – the most influential factors of all.

We are a health education resource for those who wish to see the big picture when looking at their wellbeing. Three-Sixty creates books, videos and other online resources. We also offer other services such as professional consultation, group workshops, and one-on-one support to improve quality of life.

Core factors of wellbeing

At our core, we’re social scientists. We examine “human society and individual relationships in and to society” and are driven to explore and share cutting-edge research into the socio-behavioural factors that determine health. Using the science of social epidemiology, behavioural medicine, and salutogenics, we at Three-Sixty define wellbeing as the following.


Having a sense of daily joy and overall life satisfaction.


Having good and supportive people surround you.


Being free from – or successfully managing – illness.


Having enough money to live well.

Put it all together and wellbeing is wealth, health, love, and happiness. The fundamental elements of the type of positive life most people dream to have and work to obtain.

It’s by this philosophy that Three-Sixty was formed and by these four pillars that our programs have been developed. We are open, accepting, and believe in the inherent dignity of all people. We believe strongly in the rights of every person to have a long and healthy life. We are here to explore, to enlighten, and to support.

We are Three-Sixty Wellbeing.