True Colors: Personality Workshop

Ever wonder what makes you…you? At some point you probably have asked this question at least once, if not, many times. The inner-workings of personality are complex and, therefore, require some key self-reflection. The way you think and feel are not always simple and can be expressed in many ways.

Our inner-self is always present through all areas of our lives. Our personalities influence how we’re motivated, the way we think, and the ways that we act. Hence, our personalities impact the most important aspects of our lives. They certainly impact our relationships, our work and even how we unwind and relax. If you’ve ever wondered what makes you tick, our personality workshop is for you.

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For 40 years and counting, True Colors has been the go-to program for Fortune 500 companies. Ford, McDonalds, Amazon, Google, and other companies have all recognized the most noteworthy benefits of this personality assessment.

The system primarily identifies core values, motivations and behaviors. By understanding these distinct personality differences, people can improve communication. By adapting to the patterns and styles of others, one can also enhance collaboration.  Learn more about how we offer True Colors.


  • 3-hour workshop led by a Certified True Colors Facilitator.
  • 24-page personalized report highlighting your unique personality profile in detail.
  • Identify your personality type or dominant color – Blue, Green, Gold, or Orange
  • Discover even more insights into your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Dive further into what motivates, excites and stresses you.
  • Uncover communication styles, listening styles and learning styles.
  • Tools and tips on how to identify personality traits in others and work even more effectively within team environments.

$280/per person

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Use our calendar to select upcoming workshops in your area. If you have any questions, reach out to us. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’d be happy customize our workshop to meet your needs.

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